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Cookshastra Book Urdu: A Guide to the Art of Love and Marriage

Cookshastra Book Urdu is a book that claims to teach the secrets of love and marriage to the readers. It is based on an ancient Sanskrit text called Koka Shastra, which was written by a pundit from Azad Kashmir who was also a prime minister. The book is written in Urdu language and contains various tips and techniques for enhancing the sexual and emotional intimacy between couples.

The book covers topics such as the types of women and men, the qualities of a good lover, the ways of seducing and pleasing a partner, the different kinds of sexual positions and acts, the benefits of sex for health and happiness, and the remedies for sexual problems. The book also includes illustrations and pictures to explain the concepts more clearly.

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The book is intended for married couples or those who are planning to get married, as it claims to help them achieve a peaceful and satisfying life together. The book also warns against the dangers of adultery, jealousy, and divorce, and advises the readers to respect and love their spouses. The book is not meant for casual or immoral purposes, but for educational and informational purposes only.

The book is available online for free download or can be purchased from various bookstores. The book has been popular among Urdu-speaking readers who are interested in learning more about the art of love and marriage. However, the book has also been criticized by some people who consider it vulgar, obscene, or inappropriate for a Muslim society.

Cookshastra Book Urdu is a book that offers a unique perspective on the topic of love and marriage, based on an ancient text that has been translated into Urdu. The book may appeal to some readers who are curious or adventurous, but may also offend or shock others who are conservative or religious. The book is not a scientific or religious authority, but a personal opinion of the author who claims to have learned from his own experience and wisdom.

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