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Brief History Of Western Philosophy Anthony K...

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Brief History Of Western Philosophy Anthony K...

Newly revised and expanded for a special 20th anniversary publication, the latest edition of An Illustrated Brief History of Western Philosophy contains all of Kenny's original writings on the history of Western philosophy from ancient to modern, along with new writings on the philosophy of the mid-20th century, covering important contributions from continental philosophers and philosophers of the post-Wittgenstein anglophone tradition, including the work of many women who have too often been neglected by the historical record.

Where better to start on the history of Western philosophy than with the perspective of one of the subject's greats Bertrand Russell was a towering figure in 20th-century thought. Originally published in 1945, The History of Western Philosophy is Russell's brilliant, if slightly biased, look back at all prominent thinkers that came before him. It's a very accessible and enjoyable read.

Anthony Kenny, a highly thought of philosopher in his own right, is the first person since Russell to attempt a complete, single-authored history of Western philosophy. A New History of Western Philosophy, first published in 2007, is epic in scope and lauded as one of the strongest and best-researched introductions to the subject. Kenny combines rich biographical context with academic rigour to create a wonderfully lucid account of philosophy's development. It's an essential book to have on the shelf for anyone interested in philosophy.

It's that man Kenny again! Slightly less epic than his New History, Anthony Kenny's A Brief History of Western Philosophy, published in 1996, is no less enlightening. If you're looking for a more manageable read on Western philosophy's history that still covers all the bases in thoughtful fashion, this is the book for you.

You might think assembling 63 separate scholars to contribute toward a complete history of Western philosophy would lead to a mess of conflicting styles, interpretations, and opinions. Not so: enter Richard Popkin. In The Columbia History of Western Philosophy, published in 2006, Popkin weaves the contributions together with impressive editorial skill, providing a single compelling narrative. The end result is another essential for the bookshelf.

Library Journal said that Gottlieb's book was "unambiguous". Gottlieb's fresh approach resulted the fact that he was not a professionally trained philosopher. Gottlieb saw "the history of philosophy" as a "history of a sharply inquisitive cast of mind" more than the "history of a sharply defined discipline".[9]

"Kenny's authoritative work, compiling four volumes, is the finest single-author history of Western philosophy since Frederick Copleston- a Herculean task executed with erudition and entertainment. From the dream of the ancient Greeks to the deconstruction of postmodernists, he accessibly treats the major branches of philosophy: ethics, politics, religion, epistemology, language, metaphysics, aesthetics, and logic. —Christopher, Benson —First Things

Adorno, Theodor W. aesthetics: 19th Century Romantic Goodman, Nelson: aesthetics Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich: aesthetics Ingarden, Roman music, philosophy of music: history of western philosophy of, antiquity to 1800 Nietzsche, Friedrich: aesthetics ontology of art, history of Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schopenhauer, Arthur: aesthetics Schutz, Alfred Spencer, Herbert Wittgenstein, Ludwig: aesthetics

Sir Anthony Kenny is one of Britain's most distinguished academic figures. He has been Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Master of Balliol College, Chairman of the Board of the British Library, and President of the British Academy. He has published more than forty books on philosophyand history.

This article presents the history of philosophy of history from Ancient Greece to the present, with particular emphases on the variety of 19th century philosophy of


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