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Ishq Junoon In Hindi Pdf Download Free

Ishq Junoon: A Passionate Love Story in Hindi

Ishq Junoon is a Hindi novel by Mehul Pasaya, which tells the story of a young couple who fall in love at first sight and face many challenges in their relationship. The novel is a blend of romance, drama, suspense, and thriller, and has been praised by readers for its engaging plot and realistic characters.

The novel is available in PDF format for free download on Matrubharti, a platform for Indian writers and readers. Matrubharti offers a variety of novels, books, and stories in Hindi and other languages, covering genres such as love, horror, comedy, fantasy, and more. You can also read the novel online on Matrubharti's website or app.

Ishq Junoon in hindi pdf download free

Plot Summary

The novel revolves around the lives of Aryan and Zoya, who meet at a college festival and fall in love instantly. Aryan is a handsome and charming boy, who belongs to a rich and influential family. Zoya is a beautiful and smart girl, who comes from a middle-class background. They are both passionate about music and share a common dream of becoming singers.

However, their love story is not smooth sailing, as they face many obstacles and enemies along the way. Aryan's father is against their relationship and tries to separate them by any means possible. He hires a goon named Rajveer to kidnap Zoya and force her to marry him. Rajveer is a cruel and ruthless man, who has a dark past and a hidden agenda. He tortures Zoya physically and mentally, and tries to break her spirit.

Meanwhile, Aryan is devastated by Zoya's disappearance and vows to find her at any cost. He teams up with his friends and a police officer named Ravi to track down Rajveer and rescue Zoya. He also has to deal with his own inner demons and guilt, as he blames himself for Zoya's plight.

Will Aryan be able to save Zoya from Rajveer's clutches? Will Zoya be able to survive Rajveer's brutality? Will their love overcome all the odds and emerge victorious? Read Ishq Junoon to find out.


Ishq Junoon has received positive feedback from readers on Matrubharti, who have appreciated the author's writing style, narration, dialogues, and emotions. Some of the reviews are as follows:

  • "Very nice story...full of it..." - Ritu Sharma

  • "Awesome novel...very interesting...waiting for next part..." - Pooja Patel

  • "Superb story...very thrilling...can't wait for the climax..." - Amit Singh

  • "Amazing novel...very romantic...loved the characters..." - Neha Gupta

Download Link

If you are interested in reading Ishq Junoon by Mehul Pasaya, you can download the PDF file for free from [Matrubharti]. You can also read the novel online on [Matrubharti's website] or [app].

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