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Love Sickness LE SE

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Love Sickness LE SE

In Theocritus' "Idyll" 11 Polyphemus cites headache and throbbing feet as symptoms of his love-lorn state. While the former is a well-known manifestation of love-sickness, it is less clear why his feet should be "throbbing" too. The answer may lie in the idea that the procreative fluid is stored in the head and in the feet, a notion found also in Hesiod, Alcaeus, and the Hippocratic writings. Dans l'"Idylle" XI de Théocrite, Polyphème identifie le mal de tête et des pieds qui palpitent comme des symptômes de sa langueur d'amour. Alors que le premier de ces deux symptômes est une manifestation bien connue du mal d'aimer, on comprend moins pourquoi les pieds devraient aussi palpiter . La réponse pourrait se loger dans l'idée que le fluide de la procréation est conservé dans la tête et dans les pieds, une notion qu'on trouve aussi chez Hésiode, Alcée et dans le corpus hippocratique.

Lovesick Dead (死びとの恋わずらい Shibito no koiwazurai ) is the fifteenth volume of the Horror World of Junji Ito series. It was originally printed in Japan in 1997 and published in English in 2021 by Viz Media as a part of the Lovesickness story collection. Before it's official English release, it was completely scanlated by fans, with the title Undying Love.

A 16-year-old girl and Ryuusuke's love interest. Midori is interested in intersection fortune telling, but doesn't take it too seriously. Over the course of the story, Midori is disturbed by the way Ryuusuke treats her, as she loves him, but has no idea why he's so cold to her. She worries about him when he's labeled as the Intersection Bishounen and is the only one to know his hiding spot after he ran away from home. Eventually, Ryuusuke admits to Midori that he was responsible for the death of her aunt ten years ago. Angry and desperate, Midori tries to play the game, only to run into the real Intersection Bishounen, who tells her to hate Ryuusuke for the rest of her life. Midori is compelled to follow his advice and for the next several days, emotionally and physically tortures Ryuusuke. One day, Ryuusuke, growing increasingly worried about Midori's deteriorating mental and physical health, tells Midori that he will turn himself in to the police to save her. The love in Ryuusuke's words momentarily snap Midori out of the Intersection Bishounen's curse, and she quickly takes out a razor and cuts her own throat. As she bleeds to death, she tells Ryuusuke that she's glad that since her life is over, she can be free from hating him.

The story begins with a girl playing "Intersection Fortune Telling", the latest trend with schoolgirls in the area. The game is that the girl must stand on the corner of an intersection. When a person comes by, she covers her face and asks them for her fortune to be told. The man the girl meets tells her that her love life will be good if she keeps working hard at it. Satisfied, the girl leaves.

That night, as Ryuusuke looks out into the fog from his room, another girl is playing the game. She sees someone walking up to her, so she hides her face with her schoolbag. It turns out to be an attractive young man. The girl asks him if her love life will be good, but he tells her that it's not worth trying.

When he learned that he was going to be moving, he got into a fight with his parents and ran away from home. While wandering the streets, a woman came up to him. She told him that she is in love with a man and is pregnant with his child, but he's married and wants her to get an abortion. Ryuusuke rationalizes that the woman he met back then had a mental breakdown and resorted to intersection fortune telling as a way to solve her problem. Young Ryuusuke angrily tells the woman that he has no idea what she's talking about. When she asks him if her relationship with the man will work out, he tells her it won't and runs away. However, he looks back and sees the expression on her face. That night, he couldn't sleep and felt remorse over what he told her


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