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Black Mirror Season 3 Complete Pack

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While Kenny is at work, he receives a text from the hacker, who demands him to go to a rooftop car park at 12pm or they will release the video. Feigning sickness to his boss, Kenny manages to get there in time, meeting a motorcyclist with a package. The motorcyclist is also a victim of the hacker, having been told to come there too. The motorcyclist gives Kenny a package with a cake inside, and takes a photo of him, verifying he has given the cake to him. Kenny is told to deliver the cake to a man in a hotel room. Eventually being let in after informing the occupant that "Mindy" sent him, Kenny meets Hector (Jerome Flynn). A panicking Kenny tries to explain his situation to Hector, when Hector is texted by the blackmailers. Hector panics and obeys the hacker's demands. Kenny is told to take Hector's photo to confirm the delivery. The pair is then told to go to the hotel car park and use the car that the woman dropped off.

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Although not technically a season, a Black Mirror ranking wouldn't be complete without including the movie, Bandersnatch. The movie contains some great and memorable performances from the likes of Fionn Whitehead and Will Poulter and the meta nature of the interactivity makes it a fun watch.

Even four seasons in, Black Mirror was still daring to be different and experimental. Starting the season in 'space' (or so it seems) really shows how far the show has come and "USS Callister" perfectly blends the real world and Daly's simulated one. Although "Arkangel" plays it a little safe and the black and white episode, "Metalhead" may be an experiment too far, this season still manages to pack a punch. 59ce067264


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