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We offer a powerful promise to predict and prevent heart attack and stroke

Will Your Healthspan Match Your Lifespan?

Have you already had a heart attack or stroke?

Do you have a stent?

Has there been a heart attack or stroke in the family – parents, children, or siblings?

Have you received a scary test result?

We are here to help you:

We work with your schedule in mind. Medical care as we know it is based on the convenience of the practitioner. Most of our visits at The Prevent Clinic are conducted virtually. You are busy and we respect that.

We do not replace your current healthcare provider, but rather, we work in partnership with your current healthcare team, including your cardiologist and dental team. 

Dr. Gina | The Prevent Clinic

Utilizing medical and dental collaboration, we provide advanced genetic and laboratory testing for cardiac health and beyond.


Not in the area? Don't worry, we work with you to find testing options in your area. Our services focus on prevention and disease reversal instead of simply treating the many symptoms of arterial disease.



Cardiovascular Disease

Prevention and Reversal


Prevention and Reversal






It is not too late to experience complete disease reversal

Our extensive services for identification and reversal help us create a personalized plan specifically for you.

“Most conscientious provider with the heart of Gold, you owe it to yourself to seek her out for her outstanding wisdom and care.”


It’s all connected

Conventional standard of care will send you from one doctor to the next, in search of solutions for each individual issue. At The Prevent Clinic, we examine and treat your mind, body and spirit.

clinic | The Prevent Clinic

Avoid Invasive Stents and Bypass Surgery

family | The Prevent Clinic

Be There For Your Family

Revitalize Your Romance

Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

The Prevent Clinic is a unique health center focused on optimizing your health through preventative care.

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Contact Us: (972)-672-9131

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